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Featured at the Houston Museum of Natural Science Exhibit
Magic, the Science of Wonder

From the beginning of February 2010 until Labor Day Weekend 2010, ten of the sets of cups from this museum were on display at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, along with many very significant artifacts from the world of magic.

Included were items used by the Blackstones, Dell O'Dell, the Suzy Wandas, Robert-Houdin, Houdini, David Copperfield, Doug Henning, and just about any other major magician one would care to name. We were honored to take part in this exhibit.

Right after entering the exhibit, there was a wonderful display of cups from this collection, including the following cup sets.

Reproductions of acetabula by Tom Crecelius

Reproductions of the Vaphio Cups in brass.

Tall, Western-style cups by Tayade.

Tayade Indian style cups.

Brett Sherwood Engraved Silver cups with Gold Highlights

Cased set of mid-sized copper cups by Vittorio Balli of Italy.

Tiny cups from Sherms, ca. 1915 or so.

Gazzo's cups and pouch from roughly 1994. These were displayed with footballs and a wand.

A set of French tin cups from an old magic set, including load balls.
The load balls are stuffed with horsehair.

Brass cups of the style featured in Hocus Pocus Junior.

The exhibition has now closed, but it was an honor to have participated in it.

All of these sets -- and MORE! are on display in the Cups and Balls Museum.

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